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See examples of some of our recent projects below. Contact us today and let us help you enjoy your music and video in the rooms where you actually live!

 Kitchen, Acton Massachusetts

September, 2009

"Our new kitchen was lovely, but I wanted to enjoy music from my iPod and CDs while cooking without there being an ugly boom box on the new countersGail, CEO 


Below the electrical outlet in the side of the island, note the highlighted fixture. This simple control is a small amplifier that drives an in-ceiling speaker above the island, allowing the volume to be controlled. Connected to the amplifier is a small music server, through which, the customer's extensive CD collection can be selected and played using an iPhone or dedicated music server control.


Using the internet radio feature of the music server, the customer can now also enjoy local radio stations, such as WBUR, WGBH, and WXRV, that are hard to pull in in this western suburb. Additionally, the client can plug her iPod into a connector provided in the drawer, allowing her to play music from it.


This clean, simple installation doesn't detract from the fine cabinetry. No wires or related audio hardware are visible; they have been located on an internal shelf and are not in view to guests. The music server communicates with the customer's CDs, which have been converted to a searchable music library, and the internet wirelessly.

 "Dave gave me exactly what I wanted; simple, clean, no wires, no cords, and really nice tunes to cook to!"